About Anagoor


Anagoor, founded in 2000, is a theatrical project based in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, which brought together the experiences of several performers, dramaturgs, visual and musical artists.

Their education spreads from classical filology, to history of art and architecture, visual arts, dance, music and a long theatrical practice.

Today Anagoor is, at the same time, one of the most engaged new theatrical companies of Italy, acknowledged, togehter with Babilonia Teatri and Pathosformel, as leader of the Renaissance of venetian contemporary theatre, which has put the North-East Italian scene under the spotlight in the last three years, and a recognized force committed in the diffusion of the contemporary languages.

Anagoor is member of APAP Network since 2011.

In 2009 Anagoor received a Special Mention for Tempesta at the Scenario Award 2009 thus going to constitute the Scenario Generation 2009 with Codice Ivan, Marta Cuscun, and Odem.

Since 2009 Anagoor has been supported by Fies Factory.

In 2008 Anagoor was among the finalists for the Extra Prize 08 with *jeug-.

In 2007 Corriere della Sera in the publication Please Disturb numbers Anagoor among the four main companies of contemporary theatre in Veneto. OperaEstate Festival and Veneto Region in the 2007 have inserted Anagoor - with Pathosformel, Babilonia Teatri - in Platform Veneto Theatre: a window on the main new and most valid theatre projects.

Anagoor inquires in a direction that, beginning from archetypes, concurs on the invention of new iconographies and a new way of writing and designing the scene, in the effort of originating new myths blending and distilling what is conserved in our cultural DNA. Anagoor's theatre is in eternal tension between the stuttering of the barbarism and the crystalline splendor of the neoclassicism.

In 2008, with the aim of decentralizing the active cultural poles, Anagoor has opened La Conigliera, in Castelminio di Resana (TV) Italy. Situated in open country, this unusual theatrical space was brought to life by transforming the buildings of what previously was a farm specialized in breeding rabbits and now is a crib for the contemporary performing arts. La Conigliera is a space that offers support also to other artists and groups: Santasangre (2008), Silvia Coast/Plumes dans taste (2008), Snejanka Mihaylova (2009), Dewey Dell (2010).

From the 2003 Anagoor organizes an appointment dedicated to the contemporary scene in Castelfranco Veneto creating every summer occasions of encounter between national and international artists. Guests in the past: Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Sonia Brunelli, Babilonia Teatri, Pathosformel, Santasangre, Fanny & Alexander, Dewey Dell, Christian Carloni and Stefano Franceschetti, Teatrino Clandestino, Zapruder Filmakersgroup, Claudia Castellucci and Stoa and many others.


(picture: Carlo Beccalli for DROME magazine)

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