It's two weeks now that I had to leave Goldegg the day before the meeting ended.

There was not much time to ponder (I premiere my next show tomorrow night), but still, some occasion for reflection.

Not only from the close look that I had the occasion to take during the days in Goldegg, but also from a little distance (locally and timewise), the meeting as I have experienced it has been a great success. A smooth flow of events, people seeming to have discovered the miracle of bilocation and participating at all of the simultanously programmed events, a relaxed atmosphere of encounter and colloquy.

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Goldegg 2009

performing europe -- may 28 - 31 2009
a new unique meeting place

Goldegg Performing Europe brings together curators, experts and artists for a three day long encounter. APAP offers you a diverse program of presentations, workshops and discussions, open to everyones input and contributions. The meeting occupies more than 10 rooms of the castle. Feel free to get more information at the APAP desk on the central court.
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