Alma Söderberg choreographer, performer and performer-musician.
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Amaraoui Burner Project (FRA, ALG)

Nabih Amaraoui Choreographer, dancer.
Matthieu Burner Dancer, choreographer, musician, composer, teacher.
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Anagoor (ITA)

Simone Derai, Marco Menegoni, Moreno Callegari, Paola Dallan, Anna Bragagnolo, Pierantonio Bragagnolo Performers, dramaturges, visual and musical artists.
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Andrea Maurer/Thomas Brandstätter/studio 5 (AUT)

Andrea Maurer Performer, choreographer.
Thomas Brandstätter Writer, experimental filmmaker.
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Antoine Defoort & Halory Goerger (FRA, BEL)

Antoine Defoort defines himself as a diverse artist, who seeks to make use of the presence of daily life in contemporary art.
Halory Goerger "I practise several small jobs (performer, visual artist, writer) in order to finance my passion."
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Berlin (BEL)

Bart Baele Painter, writer. 
Yves Degryse Actor.
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Claire Croizé / Action Scénique (FRA)

Claire Croizé started to develop her own artistic project during her last year at school with a dance performance for five dancers.
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Dewey Dell was formed in 2007 by Teodora (choreography, costumes), Demetrio (music), Agata (choreography, organisation) Castellucci and Eugenio Resta (light, technics).
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Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic (ARG, NED, SRB)

Diego Gil Dancer, choreographer. Education in philosophy, dance and theatre.
Igor Dobricic SRB / NED Dramaturge, teacher, long term research projects.
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Etienne Guilloteau Performer, dancer and choreographer.
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Felix Mathias Ott (GER)

Felix Mathias Ott Education in stage design, contemporary dance and filmmaking.
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Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki/fieldworks (NOR, JPN)

Heine Røsdal Avdal Dancer, choreographer, video artist.
Yukiko Shinozaki  Contemporary choreographer and dancer.
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Ian Kaler artistic practise combines dance, performance and visual art.
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Irena Curik (CRO)

Irena Curik Dramaturge, director, radio editor.
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Ivana Müller Choreographer, artist and author of texts.
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