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Armed with cameras, interview techniques, editing tables and actors, Berlin portrays reality like a painter used to do: with a bit more color, lively angles of incidence and a brush setting that betrays a critical undertone.                                  [Knack Focus – 01/02/2012]


The starting point of each performance of Berlin is located in a city or a region somewhere on the planet. Characteristic is its documentary and interdisciplinary work methods. Focusing on a specific research question, it engages different media depending on the content of the project.

Bart Baele and Yves Degryse founded Berlin in 2003 together with Caroline Rochlitz. They started the series Holocene [the Holocene is the current geological era] with the performances Jerusalem, Iqaluit, Bonanza and Moscow. A few years later Berlin started a new cycle Horror Vacui [the fear of emptiness] of which Tagfish and Land’s End are the first two episodes.

Berlin is currently working on new performances in both cycles. The number of projects is not defined but the Holocene cycle will end in Berlin for the creation of a fiction–docu project with different inhabitants of the former cities of the cycle.


Bart Baele [BE] - Yves Degryse [BE]

Bart Baele graduated in 2000 at the Theatre School Amsterdam. He worked as a stage and video designer for several companies. Yves Degryse graduated in 2000 at the actor studio Dora van der Groen in Antwerp. He founded the collective SKaGeN and worked as an actor for Comp. Marius. 


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