Jonathan Capdevielle at the METEOR 2015 Theatre Festival

Created on Thursday, 08 October 2015 Written by Andreas - BIT Bergen

Photo: Estelle Hanania17th.-18th. of October in Bergen

Some will remember Jonathan's Madonna imitation in Adishatz/Adieu from 2011. He also performed in Gisèle Vienne's This is how you will disappear and demonstrated ventriloquist skills in Jerk – the puppet show about a mass murderer. Saga is a dark romance about his own dismal family, at times reminiscent of a Greek tragedy. Family tales are often an endless source of inspiration and Jonathan's family is no exception. The dramatic highlights are transformed into a play with complex characters, epic developments and iconic legends from The Pyrenees.

Family life during Jonathan's childhood resembled theatre in many ways. Every day was a performance with humorous and dramatic scenes, some of which were etched in his memory. It was both an intense and colourful time. Home was a playground of great freedom and joyous carefree fun; but also with a fair share of visiting scoundrels. Bonnie and Clyde, and weekends away at the beach.

In Saga we are told the story through the perspective of Jonathan and his sister. Two voices carry a story about life in a unique, euphoric, playful, melancholy, and somewhat dark past in The Pyrenees.

“ introspective form of theatre that is as sensual and fascinating as a tale by the Brothers Grimm. ... This delicious expedition into the heart of a purely fantastical landscape proves it is possible grow up without forgetting anything from this state of childhood consciousness that turns everything into magic...” (Les Inrocks, Patrick Sourd).

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