Diego Gil

Diego Gil is an Argentinean choreographer based in Amsterdam and also working in Berlin. He graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and is currently finishing the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh). His choreographic work is influenced by philosophic questions that become apparent in a non-narrative mode, and that blossom within the qualities of sensations that audience are enticed to perceive. 

Choreography is an assemblage of heterogeneous materials embedded with the force of movement, and it comes to be crystallized after extended periods of research creation. This has as a consequence that the performance keeps on researching during the presentation to the audience, and prioritizes the sensorial activation of the spectator over the signification through interpretation of its cultural codes. Another consequence is that the performances are not about a subject matter, but they rather practice how to bring new modes of expressions to certain concerns. Indeed how to deal with concerns is the emergent impulse that makes the choreographic movement to take form. 

The concerns that Diego’s performances address are among others: the struggle to create a community based in relations of potential and transformation (THE HALF and OUTDOORS projects in 2010), the paradox of being together and separate of two different group of artists modes of expression like poetry and lip syncing (BSIDES 2011) and the quest for an hybrid eroticism invoked through pure abstract dances (ABSTRACT ATTRACTIONS 2012). 

Diego works in close collaboration with dramaturge Igor Dobricic, light designer Pablo Fontdevilla, music composer Tian Rotteveel and other choreographers such as Felix Marchand, Paz Rojo, Norberto Llopis Segarra and Irina Mueller. Usually the high intensity of the collaboration blurs the limits of authorship and produces the work to emerge in an eventful manner, for the artist and audience all together. 

Besides his choreographic projects, Diego works as a teacher, adviser and performer for other artists.



About Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic

Diego Gil ARG / NED

Dancer, choreographer. Education in philosophy, dance and theatre.

Focus: To intensify the potential for movement of the body to create alternative ways to feel, think and relate to the world.


Igor Dobricic SRB / NED

Dramaturge, teacher, long term research projects.


Focus: The exploration of performative action in-between different fixed contexts (theatre and visual arts, professional and non-professional status, individual and group work, aesthetics and ethics).

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