Irena Čurik's new project: 'More beauty, less beauty'

‘More beauty, less beauty’ is an experimental dance and performance piece that investigates the crisis points of performance systems which alter the course of the performance on structural and aesthetic levels, changing the conditions for aesthetical evaluation and interpretation. The guiding principle of the experiment with instructions and intensity limitations for the operative performing machines is to find the performance mechanisms that would allow a different piece at every new performance. Mechanisms are built on the choreographic procedure of repetition with variations, where the movement is being derived from a simple gesture, stage-found at a precise and highly conditioned performing moment: gesture is posed to be frozen, abstracted and framed, inducing a new build-up of a performance sequence, liberated into a narrative or an abstract stage picture through a durational time frame of each repetition, creating waves of flows and liquid transformations of images that are being made from each other in the endless flow of metamorphosis. This piece creates a different referential paradigm each time it is performed, as a kaleidoscope of choreographed storytelling, presenting cross dissolved choreo-stories, popping with a dance comic strip in the grotesque bubbled and blue dubbed movements.

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