Kaya Kołodziejczyk ”Brith Out"

ARCHIVE OF THE BODY | Zamek" Culture Centre | Poznań | PL

when: 30.10., 20:00
where: The Exhibition Hall
ticket price: 15, 20 PLN

choreography: Kaya Kołodziejczyk;

dancers: Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Karolina Wołkowiecka, Filip Szatarski, Karol Tymiński, Ramona Nagabczyńska; 

lighting director: Herman Venderickx;

production manager: Natalia Starowieyska

The creative process was inspired by seeking answers to a number of questions: Is it possible to abstract signs referring to heritage and tradition from spatial and social relationships? Can pop mean folk? Is a reconstruction possible and what form may it assume? What is the direction of a motion when it is barred within a space?

One of the principal motives which rendered structure to the work of the performers during the first stage was the dance and musical reconstruction of “Krzesany” by Conrad Drzewiecki. The choreography, inspired by the dances of the Sub-Tatra region, premiered in 1977 in Poznań. Now, after three decades, it returns as a starting point for the dancers led by Kaya Kołodziejczyk – this time in Belgrade.  This is where the work on “Brith Out” began, ending in an installation arranged for the five dancers inside a gallery space. There is no trace left of the round dances, the folk costumes are missing; a completely new work emerges, rooted in the excavated choreography and tradition of the Sub-Tatra region – a choreographic palimpsest.

Resorting to improvisation techniques based on neurology and visualisation has enabled the dancers to expand their potential, as every one represents a different school and aesthetic of movement.  The intimate and chamber-like installations of dance and motion, in the situation of exceptional physical proximity of the object, confront the viewer with the diversity of the performers, and with their own expectations as to the perception of a body in motion, all in the context of a gallery-theatrical space. 

“Brith Out” is a performance/dance installation for five dancers. The work on the performance began in Belgrade (October 2007) as part of the interdisciplinary art project “Resonance" Poland-Serbia-Switzerland, organised with support from e.g. Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia.
The Warsaw premiere was held during the Crossroads International Meeting of Live Arts 2008 at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.


SOL - work in progress


fot. Magda Starowieyska

Concept and performance: Kaya Kołodziejczyk

Costume: Grzegorz Matląg: MALDOROR

Music: Sun Ra “Space is the place“

Original composition: Daniel Radtke

Lights design: Herman Venderickx

Space arrangement: Magdalena Fela Jaszczuk

Photography: Magda Starowieyska

Project management: Natalia Starowieyska

S.O.L. is the acronym for Shit Out of Luck, an expression describing a situation with no way out, a worst case scenario, a state of having no other solutions than those unwished-for.

Sol is also the Latin word for the sun, the name of the Nordic goddess as well as it refers to the duration of a solar day on Mars.

SOL is a title of a solo performance by Kaya Kołodziejczyk which was launched in 2013 and it is a result of numerous inspirations – roots of contact improvisation, back-to-the-land movement and its resemblance with artists need of isolation.

Taking part in workshops with Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson Kaya had the opportunity to get familiar with the work of those pioneers of contact improvisation. Being as well interested in the creative ideas of the artists related to BACK TO THE LAND movement she combined the desire of going back to nature (internship and performing with Bread and Puppet Theatre) with need of crative isolation of contemporary artists'.

SOL is a self-reflexion and an attempt to take a critical look at formal functioning of contemporary dance several years after postmodern dance revolution.

The project supported by:

Body/Mind Foundation, APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project) supported by Culture Program by European Union, Cultural Center in Lublin, MAAT Project Theatre, MAAT Festival - Lublin and TRAFO Trafostacja Sztuki, Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin.


September 20, 2013, h. 7 pm., Teatr Studio Warsaw

"Oh Noh" by U/LOI

The structure of Oh Noh performance is based on Izutsu, written by Zeami one of the first and the dominant figure in the early history of Noh theatre.

The action takes place on the border between sleep and awaking.

The main aim of this project is to create a visual environment in which artists can find their ground to perform a piece, inspired by Japanese Theatre. Oh Noh is a deconstruction and an attempt to verify the paradoxical image of women present in classical theatre.

The timing of the performance is measured by the set structure present in drama , pace of the music performed by Kinematic Ensemble and the image.

Artists create a sensual, unstable, variable atmosphere that passes with the advent of the dawn...to all of what lies in the past.


Foto: Marta Ankiersztejn


06.11.2012 h. 19:00 (World Premiere)
07.11.2012  h. 18:00


ul. Jazdów 2, 00-001 Warszawa, Polska


More info: www.uloi.eu and Facebook

Read more: "Oh Noh" by U/LOI

02.03.2012 at 18h00 SHOWING BERLIN

apap Residenz Showing |

Performers: Hannah Dewor DE, Ilona Gumowska PL, Kaya Kołodziejczyk EU, Dominick Krawiecki FR, Karol Tymiński PL |

Idee/Video/Fotographie: Universal Law Of Impermanence|

Costume Design: Meike Martin DE | Music Advisor : Daniel Radtke DE/PL |

Design Advisor & Light Design : Herman Venderickx BE | Photo : Yosuke Demukai

"THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN INCREASING ITS SPEED" is a work in progress that attempt to discover what is common for the occidental choreography and origami tradition. What we find here as a key is the figure of “fractal” which is in our eyes common for the both artistic practices. The project is a movement performance collaboration between graphic designers and dancers, and is designed as a cross meeting of the ideas of performers from different artistic fields. It's an invitation for moving unmoved and setting unset.


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