chor. perf. Karol Tyminski

muz. Piotr Kaliński

light. Jan Cybis

Beep shows the body as a vessel devoid of identity and emotions. It is an opposition of the body to the sterile existence. Determination of the performer to fill the inner emptiness leads him to physical extremes. The individual, while performing both meditative and self-destructive movement, is confronted with its own borders, where the relationship between the physical body and the psyche changes. The body in the spectacle is experiencing different levels of tiredness challenging not only itself but as well the spectator.

Title Beep is derived from the term "beep test". This test is used to assess the possibility of countering fatigue and long-term ability to perform a particular task.

production: C/U Foundation

coproduction: APAP

The creation of the spectacle was supported by The Ministry of `Culture and NAtional HEritage of Poland

supported by: Centrum w Ruchu, OPLAS

Beep, premiere

May 9th 2013/CSW/7 pm 

Karol Tymiński ‘BEEP’/40 min./premiere/adults only

Karol Tymiński - a reprersentative of robustly growing generation of young artists with his latest performance ‘Doll House’ he has proved to be a non conformist ready to take artistic risks. His newest premiere refers to a sound signal, taken from the terminology of a ‘beep test’. The test is made to assess possibilities of resisting exhaustion and abilities to keep working on a long lasting task. The main aspect of the test is confronting an individual with its resistance limits, where the correlation between emotional and phisical state is excessively high. The show is somehow ‘closed’ in a form of a rock concert, in which a dancer and a musician take part.

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Choreography and performance: Karol Tymiński
Music and performance: Piotr Kaliński/Hatti Vatti/Gówno Band
Lights: Jan Cybis
Production: Fundacja Ciało/Umysł - CU Foundation
Co-production: Co-production: APAP with the support of the Culture of the European Union
Photos: Karol Tymiński

After the performance we would like to invite you to the meeting with the artists, which will be moderated by Julia Hoczyk. 

Tickets: 20 PLN regular, 10 PLN professional; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tickets can be received 1 hour before the show in CSW.

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