by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Paola Villani

Production: pathosformel

Co-production: Centrale Fies, Hotel Pro Forma (Copenhagen)

In collaboration with: Uovo performing art festival (Milan)

With the support of: APAP performing art network, workspacebrussels


Some people would call our time the hour of brutal relationships, a natural struggle for survival turned today into a determination without rules; a myth of success where everything else is easily justified as side effect.
It is quite common today – since Lehman brothers onward – to see it as what brought us where we are, but – come on –, we don't have to be so severe: don’t forget is the way through which we all consciously built everything we have.

Starting from three different autonomous installations – three experiments on careerism in electronic circuits, in botanical gardens and children’s game rules – T.E.R.R.Y. builds a performance of visual theatre where an inanimate and vegetal image traces the endless human nuances of a tension between competition and functional cooperation. It is the invention of a scientific system in which the mechanical rules are able to speak about dynamics that belong to us, and in which the presence and movement of the human body can interact to lastly question the viewer’s sight.

In a season where people do nothing but talk to imagine another possible world, we wondered if we would really be able to renounce to the current one. And maybe, before asking ourselves to imagine another possible world, we shall simply ask whether it is really possible to imagine it.

pathosformel is part of the Fies Factory project



by Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani
with Joseph Kusendila
with the collaboration of Andrea Corsi
Production Pathosformel
Coproduction Centrale Fies, Workspace Brussels
in collaboration with Contemporanea festival/Teatro Metastasio della Toscana
Artistic residencies Kaaitheater (Brussels), Les Brigittines (Brussels)
with the support of APAP network – Culture Programme of the European Union
Pathosformel is part of the Fies Factory project
thanks to CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze

«It is not a handbook: it will not tell you how to behave or what to do to run away from troubles or from the encumbrance of abandonment. It has no plot, except maybe the investigation of movements of love, just as movements». (Pier Vittorio Tondelli on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments)
An unbroken basketball training that, behind the image of athleticism and competition, let the eye perceive the world of relationships and intimacy existing among it. The relation between a man and his object has the same complexity of the one between two men? It looks like a fierce battle with the object but becomes the most persuasive of conquests; it assume the nuances of human life to return suddenly to be just a training: it is a duo choreography with just one man, who sketches the relationship in motion we always have one each other.



by Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani
with Stefano Leone
original music Port-Royal
collaborazione alla realizzazione tecnica collaboration to the tecnical realization Mara Cugusi
production pathosformel
coproduction Fondazione Musica per Roma, Centrale Fies
Pathosformel is part of the Fies Factory project and Apap Network

An apparent stillness of the body, to find out how in the randomness of the movements of the wind one can see what could be seen as the thickest of the speeches in a language we might not know but that we slowly find ourselves able to decipher.
It is the atmosphere of a reality that revolves around a body that has abandoned any intention, as an old man who finally falls silent to start listening. As a conductor, who puts his wand away to let the music flo around him.

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