Marta Kolega and Gloria Lindeman - residency at La Coingliera (IT)

Created on Saturday, 14 December 2013 Written by Student Centre Zagreb

From 18th to 23rd of December Marta Kolega (HR) and Gloria Lindeman (HR) will join Italian theatre group Anagoor at La Coingliera (IT) for a six days vocal workshop for Anagoor’s newest project Virgilio Brucia.

Artistic cooperation between Anagoor and M. Kolega and G. Lindemann began in September on a residency at Ganz new festival in Theatre &TD in Zagreb (with the support of apap network), where  Angoor was reflecting on the very origin of singing through the exemplar history and dynamics of Balkan, and more specifically Croatian, traditional folk singing.

In the first phase of work on Vrigilio Brucia, Anagoor has met singers around different regions, especially in regions and countries which has known war in recent times, mainly folk singers and choirs who sing traditional repertoire, and interviewed them discussing about the primal roots or origin of singing, listened to their more heartfelt and soulful songs, the most ancient pieces of music. 

Together with Paola Dallan (Italian actress, singer, musician and teacher in chief for everything concerning the musical score), Monica Tonietto (Italian singer and vocal coach who lives and works in Strasbourg), Gayanée Movsisyan (Armenian singer, vocal coach and choir conductor), Mauro Martinuz (Italian musician and composer who lives in Berlin), and Moreno Callegari, Marco Menegoni and Simone Derai, Marta Kolega and Gloria Lindeman will be an active force in the definition of a common musical language.

The performance due to be created in the next months will focus on Virgil’s poetry, on its themes (above all the sufferance of individuals and of the masses against the wind of History), on the relation of the Poet with the power of the Prince, and on poetical creation in general, its utility against power and violence, thus reflecting on the question that Virgil sets for all poets of all times: What’s the use in singing, what’s its purpose in times of violence?

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